Sheep milk cheeses

Manchego DOP

Wheel | 1 kg | 3 kg
Wedge | 200 gr | 250 gr

Queso Manchego is the best known Spanish cheese in the world. The true Manchego cheese, however, is made only from whole milk of the Manchega sheep raised in the La Mancha region. This region is a vast high plateau, more than 600 meters above sea level, which extends from east to west and north to south, adjoining the provinces of Toledo, Cuenca, Ciudad Real and Albacete, all in the Castile-La Mancha Autonomous Region southeast of Madrid.

Curations: 3 months, 6 months y 12 months.

Farmstead Manchego DOP

Wheel | 1 kg | 2 kg

The country state El Jarón has belonged to the same family already four generations, producing pure lamb’s cheese for more than 100 years. The pureblood livestock of La Mancha sheep graze in the natural pasture lands of El Jarón, making good use of the low bushes, the stubbles and the remains from the cereal harvests, as well as the acorns from the oak trees that grow in the country estate.

Curations: 3 months, 6 months y 12 months.

Idiazabal DOP

Wheel | 1 kg | 3 kg

Idiazábal is a robust and sharp cheese, made to be cured for a long period. It is produced by farmers as well as industrially with well-defined characteristics: unpasteurized whole sheep’s milk from Lacha or Carranzana breeds, with high acidity and low fat, coagulated with natural young lambs’ rennet giving it a slight piquant taste. Its creamy and firm paste is a delight for those cheese lovers who like to “chew the cheese”.

Varieties: Natural and smoked. 

Zamorano DOP

Wheel | 550 gr | 1 kg | 3 kg
Wedge | 150 gr | 250 gr

Zamorano cheese enjoys great prestige for its quality and character, resulting from the breeds of sheep predominant in the region (Churra and Castellana), the climatic conditions (cold and humid) and its long aging in the cellars.

Curations: 4-6 months, 12-15 months.

Roncal DOP

Wheel | 3 kg

The production of a cured variety of cheese using raw sheep’s milk is one of the main occupations of the farmers. The excellent conditions of evergreen pastures and the suitability of the Lacha and Rasa-Aragonesa breeds, selected especially for milk production, lend themselves very well to this occupation.

Torta del Casar DOP

Wheel | 650 gr | 900 gr

Cheese with a fine, soft and delicate rind with a yellowish color. Torta del Casar has a special aroma and a strong mature taste, slighty salty and bitter due to the use of vegetable (thistle) rennet.

Torta de la Serena DOP

400 gr | 800 gr | 1,4 kg

It is a cheese made from the whole and very thick raw milk of the merino sheep (a rustic breed with small milk production) coagulated with vegetable rennet (Cynara cardunculus), using farmhouse type manual production methods and short aging period under temperate and humid conditions.


Wheel | 550 gr | 1 kg | 3 kg
Wedge | 150 gr | 250 gr

Castellano cheese is the perfect alternative to Zamorano and Manchego. It does not carry DOP seal but its flavor, aspect and quality-price relation make it an unbeatable option.

Curations: 4-6 months, 12-15 months.

Sheep’s milk cheese with Truffle

Wheel | 3 kg | Halves 1,5 kg
Wedge | 250 gr

This cheese is made from 100% sheep milk and black truffles.  Because of their very pungent flavor, the truffles are used sparingly to enhance but not overpower the cheese.  Black truffles enhance this artisan sheep cheese with their very distinctive flavor and aroma.

Sheep’s milk cheese with Rosemary

Wheel | 3 kg

The beauty of this aromatic wheel goes beyond the spiced coating. The rosemary impregnates the cheese with an unmistakable herb flavor that perfectly complements the nutty sweetness. The result is an extraordinary, genuine product.

Sheep’s milk cheese with Brandy

Wheel | 3 kg

After being cured for approximately 5 months, the brandy is injected into the paste and then the cheese is covered in lard and fine herbs. Oveja al Brandy has a full-bodied and slightly piquant taste. The brandy aroma is intense. The paste is firm and compact with a clean cut.

Viejo Maestro

Wheel | 1 kg 

Viejo Maestro is an extraordinary sheep chesse, made by prestigious producer from Extremadura, Quesos del Casar. A Strong and artisan cheese.

Sheep’s milk cheese Log

140 gr | 1 kg

Soft cheese, white, creamy, eyeless, melt and can be with or without bark, being this mildew white. Its texture is creamy.


800 gr | 2 kg

Yellow cut, blue veining – greenish of variable intensity, soft touch and moist. Intense flavourings from maturity to mould, mouth – melting, intense and relatively complex flavours, overall impression is pasty.


500 gr 

White uniform cut, eyes of changeable size, soft and thin tact of dampness happens. Thin flexible and elastic texture. Primary and lactic aromas, in balance. In mouth, very soluble, flux, global sensation closed, with good entry, soft and harmonious. Agreeable aftertaste.

La Collada

500 gr

White uniform cut, eyes of changeable size, soft and thin tact of dampness happens. Thin flexible and elastic texture. Agreeable aftertaste.


260 gr | 850 gr

From the same producer that makes Nevat and Petit Nevat, we have Odre and Petit Odre. This cheeses is also artisanal and has a mouldy rind. The difference with Nevat is that Odre is made with sheep milk.

Cow milk cheeses

Mahon semi DOP

750 gr | 3 kg
Wedge | 380 gr

The Semicured Mahon Cheese is of an orange colour. The texture obtained is buttery and very palatable. Its flavour is intense and slightly spicy. Cutting is easy, yielding smooth, whole and lustrous slices. An indispensable classic in any cheese board.

Mahon curado DOP

800 gr | 3 kg
Wedge | 370 gr

Traditionally the brownish rind on Mahon comes from being rubbed in butter, paprika and olive oil. The intense, lightly salted, piquant flavor becomes more intense as the cheese ages. This unique cheese is a must try for any cheese lover and an absolute necessity for the true connoisseur.

Tetilla DOP

1 kg

The word “tetilla” (meaning nipple) clearly defines the traditional shape of this cheese, that is, a flattened pear-shaped cone with a small nipple on the top. This is the most characteristic cheese from Galicia, elaborated with cow’s milk and easily recognized by its shape and smooth, fine, yellow straw-colored rind.

San Simon DOP

900 gr

This cow’s milk cheese is made slowly, carefully and hand crafted, pressed slowly yet intensely to remove the whey from its interior. It’s aged for a minimum of 60 days, traditionally the cheeses are made to store for long periods of time and were smoked with birch.

La Peral

400 gr | 800 gr | 2 kg

Yellow veined blue cut – greenish, of changeable intensity, soft and humid tact. Intense aromas of ripeness joined mildew. Mouth, flux, intense and relatively complex flavors, global doughy impression. Aftertaste with attenuating trend.

Afuega'l Pitu

500 gr

Cut ivory, granular and moderately humid. Granular texture, typical of these cheeses. Primary aromas with dominancia acid. Flux, global clotted impression. Intense entry, followed by acidity. Relatively persistent aftertaste.

Varieties: Natural and paprika.


300 gr

Yellow cut, without eyes, rude and greasy tact. Strong, rusty and penetrating aromas. Flux, adherent, strong flavor and lightly bitter. Persistent aftertaste.


500 gr

Cut ivory and uniform. Flexible and elastic texture. Primary aromas of acid milk. Flux, adherent, global impression enclosure, cutting entry that it evolves to scum with acid tones. Aftertaste lightly persistent.

La Cueva Llonin

300 gr

Light yellow cut, eyes of small size. Texture dies of elasticity goes down. Primary aromas with acid touches and of fungi. In mouth good step marked by vegetable(plant) and acid tones, lightly flux improving with the ripeness. Lightslightly persistent aftertaste.


1 kg | 2 kg

Yellowish cut with green – bluish pigmentations of Penicillium. Sensory characteristics similar to the Cabrales.


300 gr

Light yellow cut, eyes of small size, thin tact. Texture dies of elasticity happens. Primary aromas with acid shades and of dry grass. Flavor marked by vegetable and acid tones, improving with the ripeness. Aftertaste of small intensity, with evolution to freshness.

Taramundi con frutos secos

500 gr

Yellow, uniform cut with small dark spots. Eyes changeable size, tact lightly oily. Flexible and elastic texture. Lacteal aromas, with touches of rusty butter. In creaking mouth, lactic flavors with vegetabletouches. Slightly persistent aftertaste.

Valle del Narcea

500 gr

Yellow cut, soft tact, lightly humid. Thin and elastic texture. Primary aromas with lacteal shades. In mouth it is melting, soluble of global compact impression, balanced flavor, with vegetable tones. Harmonious relatively persistent aftertaste.


Loaf | 1 kg
cheese | 500 gr

Cut yellow color, soft and humid tact. Smooth very elastic and flexible texture, primary Aromas, with lactic touches. Intense flavor initially that disappears, soluble and adherent, flux, global compact sensation. Soft slightly persistent aftertaste.

Goat milk cheeses

Ibores DOP

Wheel | 1 kg

Queso Ibores is made with unpasteurized milk from the Serrata goat breed of Verata and Retinta, using mixed coagulation (lactic and enzymatic) techniques. It is a semi-soft paste of medium aging. The rind is rubbed with olive oil or smoked paprika from Vera.

Majorero DOP

Wheel | 1,5 kg | 3,5 kg

Cheese elaborated in the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. Fundamental factors determining the quality of this cheese are the rich pastures from a land that is dry but pleasant, and the unsurpassable characteristics of the Majorera goat, a very adaptable rustic animal which produces a thick, aromatic and high-fat milk.

Varieties: Natural, Paprika and Gofio (roasted cornmeal).

Garrotxa DOP

Wheel | 500 gr | 1 kg

It is a mild goat’s milk cheese, buttery which is aged for minimally for three weeks with a characteristic grey blue colored rind which grows mold spontaneously as a result of the humidity in this rainy enclave of dense forest.


260 gr | 2,5 kg 

The name Nevat (the Catalan word for “snow”) refers to its downy white mold (from penicillium candidium). The curds are drained in a knotted cheesecloth bag. When firm, the bags are opened and its unique shape emerges. It resembles an extremely plump Brie, sloping up to a peak in the middle, like a snow covered mountain. The interior is creamy at the edges, becoming firmer at the center. Nevat has a full, rich, and buttery flavor with herbal notes and a sweet, mildly “goaty” tang.

Goat cheese log

140 gr | 1 kg

Soft cheese, white, creamy, without eyes, flux and may be with or withour bark, being this white mold. Its texture is creamy.

Flavors: Aromatic herbs, ash, paprika, pepper, pineapple, mango, papaya, honey.

RefrigeradoCongeladoAvailable refrigerated and frozen (medallions and cubes)

Viejo maestro

400 gr | 1 kg

A great Spanish goat cheese made by a family-run queseria in the mountainous region of Extremadura, near the border with Portugal, Viejo Maestro is semi firm but with a pleasant creaminess on the palate. Aged a little over a month, the paste is white, developing a lovely milky sweet flavor with grassy notes and a pleasant sour finish.


400 gr | 1 kg 

Elaborated using pasteurised goat’s milk and rennet. Pressed soft paste. Its rind is cleaned and painted with paprika or olive oil. A cheese rich in fat with an intense and aromatic taste. Maturation for a period of at least 30 days.

Goat’s mil cheese with Pedro Ximenez

Wheel | 2,5 kg

By macerating cured cheese in Pedro Ximenez wine, the cheese has slight aroma of sweet “Pedro Ximenez”.

Blue goat's cheese

1,5 kg

One of the most prestigiuos blue cheeses in the world. Awarded with the Gold Lactium in 2009 and a Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards of 2011. Slow maturation (2-3 months), delicate rind. Slightly white inside with blue veins. Creamy and slightly piquant and salty. A cheese to remember, share and repeat.


1 kg 

White and uniform cut. Flexible texture, lightly humid. Lactic aromas with light touches to cáprico. In the good mouth cohesion, soluble, with global substantival sensation. Light aftertaste, with certain irritation.

Cuevas del Mar

450 gr

Whitish, uniform cut, occasionally with presence of eyes. Thin and elastic texture. Aromas that remember butter. In mouth, flux, very soluble giving a global compact impression and, sometimes, lightly sandy. Relatively persistent and balanced aftertaste.

La Collada

500 gr

It presents a cut of white color, uniform surface of thin and soft tact. Flexible and elastic texture. Primary aromas of intensity it happens, with citric tones. Soft persistent and balanced aftertaste.

Los Beyos

400 gr

Cut color ivory, blind person, characteristic of these cheeses, soft tact. Texture dies. Primary aromas of intensity it happens, finely brown. It fills the mouth, adherent, tastily, harmonious and agreeably. Persistent, agreeable aftertaste of intensity happens.


500 gr

White cut, eyes in small quantity, soft tact, dampness happens. Texture dies slightly flexible. Primary aromas with lactic and brown touches. In mouth, high, slightly soluble, weakly melting, soft friability and harmonious. Soft and slightly persistent aftertaste.


500 gr

White cut uniforms, tact lightly oily. Smooth texture of elasticity happens. With touches of fresh butter, which are confirmed in mouth, very soluble and adherent. Aftertaste lightly persistent very agreeable and balanced.

Monte Enebro

Monte Enebro is an unusual goat cheese. With a rind composed of ash and mold Monte Enebro has an insistent flavor, more like a blue cheese than anything else. The damp, cakey, acidic paste near the rind is strong, with a recognizable black walnut flavor. Inside, the core remains salty, lactic, and smooth.

Murcia al Vino DOP

Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goat´s milk and cured for a minimum of 45 days for large cheeses and 30 days for small ones. Macerated in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.

Mixed milks cheeses

Cabrales DOP

Wheel | 500 gr | 1 kg | 2,5 kg
Wedge | 100 gr

This cheese is produced in limited quantities, using traditional farmhouse methods, in small family-run dairies of Asturias. Raw milk, mainly cow’s milk, is used to produce it. However, as most farmers keep mixed herds, blends with goat’s and sheep´s milks are used in the spring and summer.


2,5 kg

Hails from the valley of Valdeon, in Leon, on the southern spur of the Picos de Europa. The main activity in this valley is cattle rearing, particularly bovine from the mountains, although its inhabitants also did dedicate themselves to making hand crafted cheeses, which they aged in caves and the acquired mold as they aged. The great quality of this cow’s milk is the great secret of this great tasting blue cheese.

Gamonedo DOP

500 gr | 2 kg

Yellowish cut, lightgreen – bluish spots produced by the Penicillium. Surface dries. Firm texture, friable. Primary aromas, with touches of smoke in harmony. In mouth, itevolves to buttery, with soft predominance of smoke. Persistent aftertaste.


Wheel | 550 gr | 1 kg | 3 kg
Wedge | 200 gr

A cheese made with a blend of cow’s milk (minimum 60%), goat’s milk (minimum 10%) and sheep’s milk (minimum 10). Produced in an industrial manner, mostly in the central plateau of the Iberian peninsula. It’s a soft cheese, delicious, and broadly consumed in Spain, exported and is appropriate for all tastes.

Ahumado de Pria

1 kg

Yellow uniform cut, without eyes or occasionally isolated in small quantity. Soft, flexible and elastic texture. Buttery, of agreeable flavor with impregnation of smoke, differential characteristic of this cheese. Agreeable, persistent and balanced aftertaste.

Buffala milk cheeses


500 gr | 1,4 kg

Elaborated with Buffalo milk from Emporda, Catalonia. This milk id rich in calcium, protein, iron and phosphorus. Awarded with a Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards of 2011. Recommended pairing: white wine and fruit.

Buffalet azul

500 gr | 1,4 kg

Elaborated with Buffalo milk from Emporda, Catalonia. This milk id rich in calcium, protein, iron and phosphorus. Ivory color with small blue holes.

Very creamy. Its taste has reminiscence of tannins, holm oak and pine tree. Its blue comes from the humidity and the long curation in cave.


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